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The development features of high power LED lighting, trend analysis of high power led lighting


The development features of high power LED lighting, trend analysis of high power led lighting

The illumination application is main target with the development of high power LED light, although generally recognized that at present LED entered the general illumination domain still have a certain threshold, but with the functionality illumination application's rapid development in landscape illumination, LCD back lighting applications, miner’s lamp and street light. High power white light LED still maintain very fast development speed in technical specification's promotion and expansion of application scale, the development speed of high power LED will keep above 50% in the future several years. 
As the application fields and market expansion, the high power LED’s development characteristics and trends are having some changes and showing some new industrial characteristic: 
1. The mainstream product LED price reduces gradually 
Currently, 1W white LED products with Cree production luminous flux 70~90lm, market price maintains basically about 17 Yuan, the same type PhilipsLumileds product price about 19~21 Yuan. China Taiwan 1W white light LED (luminous flux 70~80lm) selling price about 10~15 Yuan. The high-power LED adopting import chip in the mainland, its price stands at the same line with Taiwan, the high-power LED’s price basically about 5.5 Yuan in domestic. 
At present, ability mass supply the white light LED power component manufacturer still limit in Ruifeng electronic, the country star electro-optic, Guangzhou Hongli and Taiwan yilighting, Guangbao and other manufacturers. Along with the fast growth of the power white light LED application and the unceasing upgrade of luminous efficacy, it estimated that its sign LED price will reduce gradually.Costs and heat dissipation still is the biggest obstacle in LED replacing traditional lighting
The LED most attractive application field is illumination, the cost is very essential for the LED substitution tradition illumination. Although the price relative to its LED double the life of the traditional lamp is not high, and can save the replacement and maintenance costs, but the outset expense directly is often restrained the purchase budget. Phillips thought that the main bottleneck of influence present LED application lies in the lumen cost higher 10 times than tradition lighting source. So must improve the light efficiency to 150lm / W, the drive current enhances from 700mA to 2A, at the same time the tube core and the seal expense must reduce half. If we can do above all, it will have a large-scale universal application in the illumination domain. 
Ministry of Industry and Electronic Information Division indicated that LED encapsulation is make light and the heat together in one component, and heat will bring the biggest impact to LED component, if always realizes the illumination in the high temperature situation, it will affect enormously the illumination component or lamps and lanterns' life, therefore putting forward the stern challenge in the seal structure aspect for the LED illumination.
High power LED market using prospects for domestic At present, the landscape lighting market is the largest application market for high power LED illumination,

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